2021 - Mulan

The reuse of our 2020 robot allowed us to focus on working on game challenges even through uncertainty about our ability to meet.  Modifications include:

  • Reduced capacity in hopper to limit to the 3 Power Cells allowed for Infinite Recharge at Home
  • Climb mechanism secured to reduce the change of accidental deployment or damage to other systems
  • Power Cell deflectors removed from front of robot to allow for easier set up for time trials
  • Rear Intake Flap removed to prevent deployment during driving courses.

Design Features

Please refer to the details posted on the 2020 Robot Page


  • Submitted Scores: Auto-Nav: 41.4 seconds, Hyperdrive: 46.7 seconds, Intersteller Accuracy: 45 points, Power Port: 63 points
  • Finished ranked 3rd/29 in the Chlorine Subgroup and 100th/1413 overall

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